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Monday, February 6, 2012

Slow and Steady

Continuing to go with the flow and keep at the fish, I was knee deep again this afternoon. After swinging some big stuff for a bit, I came up with nothing and decided to switch gears. I threw some smaller nymphs and fished slooow moving water, almost too slow for my liking. I have nothing against slow water, but sometimes my attention span needs a little more action.

Once I switched gears, I was fortunate enough hook up and promptly break it off. After spending some time working over one run I was able to find a few more. All the fish were sitting in the very slow tailouts for me, and it seemed two toned sucker spawn was the gig. See you tomorrow river.

Get while the gettins good.


  1. Nice Owen keep up the good work! I managed to pull 1 up from the deep today as well!!

  2. thanks man, glad to hear you got into em as well!