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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Put it in their wheelhouse!!! Ohio Steelhead Fishing at its finest!

Above: Ya Kelly gets it!

Above: Will stoked about his Ohio Steelhead

Above: Terry with some afternoon delight

What can I say about the past few days but priceless. I was able to get out on the water with a old client/friend Will from Texas who I had guided back in the day in Montana. He brought along two other Gentlemen Terry and Kelly who were class acts. We spent an evening on the Rocky River Wednesday night, and then shifted gears to the Grand River Thursday and Friday. We fished hard at some points and at other times we all stepped back laughed and enjoy the moment and company. We fished all types of bugs from swinging streamers to tiny flashback pheasant tails, and Biot nymphs. There were some crowds on the rivers but, on Thursday and Friday we spent some time walking, removing ourselves from the noisy roads and traffic, and in the end finding some great fish. Its is fun for me to teach and learn from others as well as spend time on the water with people who want to catch fish but also appreciate the whole aspect of being on the water. Your conversations, decisions, laughs and cries about fish that broke you off in a matter of seconds, and the early to bed to do it all over the next day. Here's to Will, Terry, and Kelly for a great time!

Owen Murphy

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bobby with a nice Ohio Steelhead

Jorge was in the zone when he caught this fish

I was fortunate enough to guide a couple of great guys from Detroit today. We kept the wolverine talk to a minimum and we were able to cooperate and find some fish. I think both parties today learned a little bit from each other I know I did. These guys were a class act and a pleasure to be on the water with. We used everything from egg and nymph patterns to swinging big ugly leeches and streamers. Another great day on the water with some great guys.
We are booked up most of the week so... if you want to get out on the water before time runs out give me a shout and we'll hit the rivers..see you out there.

Owen Murphy

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Friends, Good Weather, and Good Fishing!!

What can I say, between the fishing, weather, and time spent with friends this weekend will go down in the books. Several of us were fortunate enough to take Friday off and make it into a three day weekend. We started early and ended late with a ton of laughs, new friendships and a few fish in between. The guys I spent time on the water with this weekend were guys who appreciate the whole picture. Spending time on the water fly fishing is not all about how many fish you can catch, but for the story's, friends, and the ones that got away. To many people are out there to talk about numbers and how good they are, nobody cares!! Enjoy all that comes with it, catch a few fish have a few laughs, cause in your not going to remember the fish from the day but the people you spent it with.

Above: My good friend Kyle, who just picked up a fly rod for the first time this weekend. Needless to say I think we have a new fishing partner.

Rob P. with a nice Rocky River Steelhead