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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just the Good Ole Boys

This past weekend I had a great friend in town from Indianapolis, we'll call him RP. Quick background on RP. The two of us spent several years in Wyoming guiding for monster trout on some of the most scenic and freestone streams in the lower 48. We've managed to stay friends over the 8 years since, and when we hit the river together in NE Ohio it brings back so many good memories of the trips and travels we've made together.

RP shot me an email last week telling me he needed a break, and wanted to head to Cleveland for a little retreat. With that the wheels were turing and I was trying to find something different to do in NE Ohio. We rounded up a total of five guys, one dog, two rafts, and managed to float 9 miles of river in Ohio on a Saturday and up until the last quarter did we see another soul.

Here's to Kyle, Brandon, Ara, and RP,one for the books. There s about 20 pics so there is some tunes to jam along with em.

Thanks Dudes.


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