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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Leaves Have It

High water, no water, low water, nature has been throwing it all at us lately.

If things always stayed the the same would it be any fun?  Tailwater rivers around the globe produce the same temps, bugs, and condtions almost day in and day out, in NE Ohio our freestone rivers keep us guessing.  With ever changing condtions, our rivers help keep our game on point.  Our rivers force us to dig deep into our boxes as water color, level, and conditons continually change.  At times this can be frustrating,sending us home with out the statisfaction of bringing a fish to the net. 

As avid fisherman, we should appreciate the fact the mother nature in NE Ohio persuades us to not settle for the same thing day in and day out on the water. We have to ever change our gameplan, bugs, depth, location, and mentality each time we step into the river. Going through this proccess helps us refine our game each time we step into the water.

Here's to a great FALL on The Alley.

Tom with an Early Morning Catch

Another Nice Fish in the Cool Clear Water

The Leaves Speak for Themselves

Had to Check Out the Action for Myself