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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cold weather chromers

Had a couple out-of-towners come in town for there shot at some chromers. While the super cold weather slowed the fishing a bit, these guys where willing to deal with the freezing rod guides and numb toes. The reward was some beautiful chromers. Most success came out of the deeper pools of the lower river. Thanks guys, great weekend.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Podcast with OSD Owner Ryan Buddie on Outdoor First Radio

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Girl Power!

Took my Mom and gf out on a float on the Rock and the girls came through with both of their first steelhead on a fly. It was Julia's second time ever fly fishing and she struck first with this nice buck. Shortly after that my Mom hooked into this brute which took her to the backing almost instantly. We quickly snapped a few pics and let the monster go, but I estimated the fish around 14lb. The smiles tell the story of how the gals were feeling. Shortly after this, I had to get honking on the oars to get out of the t-storms. Great time on the water. Had the river to ourselves. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Our buddy Dan had landed his first steelhead a few weeks back, with no evidence besides a couple friends who witnessed it. Since then Danimal (Dan) has had sleepless nights with the ever growing itch of becoming a profound steelhead fisherman and the picture with that big buck steelhead he has been after.

We spent time on the water again yesterday with Danimal and with a different outcome. Dan was into fish from the first few drifts. Throughout the day I was asked by Dan to take a turn and in some cases I did. However, I told him that once you've caught a few fish in your life and you see the expressions of someone new getting into their first fish, you watch them grow, want to learn, it means all the more to me than bringing a fish to the net for myself.

I know I speak for Ryan in saying this is why we started this business, ya we may make a few bucks on the side to pay for a permit trip to mexico ; ), but we appreciate the great resource we have and enjoy introducing people to this great sport and fishery.

Tight Lines,
Owen & Ryan

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Rock today

With some big rains out east last night and rivers spiking, myself (Ryan) and Owen took a look at the flow charts this morning and made an easy decision to fish the Rocky today. Our 8 mile float in the morning started off slowed but ended with some hot chrome action. In the afternoon, I met up with my Dad and brother it was on! Thanks mother nature for not raining too hard on the Rock last night!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

I hooked up with OSD Eastside connection, Kelly, yesterday to check out some water. We were both pretty excited. It was one of those spring mornings that we had been waiting for since we put our hunting bows down last fall. Still shaking off the dust from St. Pats and a morning gut bomb from BK, we headed on over to the Conneaut. The river was stained and running a little over 700 cfs. We spent several hours working over the river with nothing to show. With such a beautiful day on hand, we looked at each and said we need to find the fish. So we made a power move and well the rest of the day is history.

Fish were eating everything from swung streamers to eggs and flashy nymphs. It was a great day yesterday and we hope to see you out there.

Owen Murphy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well, we can all count our blessing that we live in the great state of Ohio and not over seas in Japan. We get upset when the rivers are high and not fishable, while the people of Japan watched as their houses and life were washed away. Here at OSD we wish the best for the people of Japan.

Now as for the steelhead side of things, lets just say things are looking good? How about a newly buffed out chrome fender on a chopper. Ryan, our good friend Danimal, and I took to the river on Monday, with the weather in order and the rivers on the drop. Danimal went steelheading for the first time last year with no avail. Monday was different, although fish were not jumping onto the end of our flie lines, we were able to land a few and turn Danimal into a steelhead junkie. We video taped pretty much all of Dan's fight with his 1st fish all the way to the bank. Upon switching from video to my still, Dan performed the old steelhead fumble-rooskie and released his fish back into the water = no fish picture : ( .



Prior to hitting the water Tuesday morning, Ryan and I stopped by the Ranger station for the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation. We talked with Lieutenant Sean T. Flanagan about making sure our raft passed inspection, and that we would not get hassled floating the Rocky River. Mr. Flanigan was a class act and takes great pride in taking care of the Metroparks. We checked out and off we went.

The river is coming into shape and things should be rocking and rolling here soon. Ryan and I were crunched for time but, managed....well, take a look.




Sunday, March 13, 2011

Land sickness

With the lakes frozen over and all the rivers blown out from snow melt and rain, land sickness got so bad I had to make a trip down south to Charleston, S.C. to do some redfishing. Land sickness cured...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adipose Drift Boats

I caught up with one of my best buds recently and noticed that Peter has become the face of Adipose Drift Boats. Peter is one of the TOP Guides on the Missouri River in Craig, MT. If you want to head out West and find fish on the Missouri, make sure to look Peter up at Headhunter's Fly Shop in Craig, MT http://www.headhuntersflyshop.com/. Check out Peter below doing his thing in the Adipose drifty. He's the guide with the manly beard.