We are a full service fly fishing outfitter and guide service for all your Steelhead fishing needs in North East Ohio. We host all talent levels from the most skilled angler to those who are wetting a line for the first time. Either way, we are very well equipped to show you a experience you'll never forget. Share a day with us on the river and see what Ohio really has to offer!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hilarious Dog Trick!!!

Check out OSD dog Timber getting his morning routine on. Hilarious!

What More DO You Want From a Dog.... from Ohio Steelhead Alley on Vimeo.

If I Could Change Something...I Wouldn't

During these bitter cold days here in Ohio I was trying conjure something to put up on the blog, this is what I came across the mind. Recently a friend of mine and I were discussing how much we wish we were still in college for several different reasons. Although I do wish I that college was an everlasting event, I wouldn't change anything about it. I was able to go to school in Missoula, MT and work as a fishing guide most of my college career, which I finished in a shade under a decade ; ). Fishing, Hunting, Skiing, and an occasional bender preceded all school work and is in turn why it took me so darn long, but worth every penny. For any of you who have not ventured out West for the fishing I encourage you to fit it in to your schedule someway some how. Finding my way back to Cleveland I wanted to some way keep my hand in the fishing/guiding community and that is why I started OSD. I get more of a kick out of watching someone new to the sport hook into one of Ohio's finest Steelhead than I do hooking one myself. In the end it is all about the friends you make and memories you take with you. Hope you enjoy the pics.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birds are the Bonus

With the change in the weather many birds have pushed from the North and headed down to the South shores of Lake Erie. At OSD we enjoy fishing but our passions go much further than just swinging flies on the rivers, sometimes you just gotta hunt. Sage, Timber, my father, and good friend Kyle hit the water right around 0700. I wasn't able to sleep, so an hour or so before shooting time I was out drinking my coffee and throwing decoys. It wasn't your typical good duck hunting "nasty weather" day. Fine by us, we have been waiting on birds all season. When the winds blow from the south it enable's us to hunt the shoreline without a boat and have mallards and black ducks decoy like we see in the movies. If you never have been duck hunting I encourage you greatly to give it a try. Below are some pictures from the morning, stay warm, safe, and if the weather permits get outdoors.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Chrome ya Dig

Leaving work Thursday morning in the pouring rain I had the option to either go home and sleep or go fish, I chose to fish. Heading due East to the Conneaut River I spent several hours dead drifting streamers, rifling thru my flie boxes and in the end hooked into several Steelhead. My best thing going was a hotwire prince following a minnow pattern which they ate on an aggressive strip. I ended up landing one with two others that gave me a bit of their time and left me for dead. The Conneaut even with some rain was still running low and clear. Below are some pics from the moring.

The leaves they are a changing

a look up stream towards route 20 bridge

When you have no one to fish with the pics are not the best!

Friday, October 1, 2010

OSD and Ryan Buddie Make The Plain Dealer!!!

Local walleye anglers Buddie, Knippenberg win national MWC Team of the Year title

Published: Friday, October 01, 2010, 10:46 AM Updated: Friday, October 01, 2010, 11:02 AM

Buddie and Knippenberg 2.jpg
The Cabela's MWC Masters Walleye Circuit Team of the Year Ryan Buddie, left, of Lakewood and Mike Knippenberg of Hiram show off a pair of trophy walleye.

A Cleveland-area team has won a national championship, with Ryan Buddie of Lakewood and Mike Knippenberg of Hiram capturing the 2010 Team of the Year crown on the Cabela's Masters Walleye Circuit.

"It was a dream season, that's for sure," said Buddie. "It was the first year Mike and I had teamed up, and the first national circuit we'd ever fished.

We'd networked the last few years while fishing local tournaments, but I'd never been in Mike's boat until this season."

Both anglers said there was a chemistry on the water that helped them post a second on Lake Erie at Sandusky, a third at Michigan's Saginaw Bay, an 11th at Bays de Noc, Mich., and an 18th on the Detroit River at Trenton, Mich. They topped the national standings with 35.93 points, the lowest total among an approximate 500 teams from around the country.

While the three MWC divisions have been dominated by two-angler teams from western walleye states, it is the second straight MWC title for an Ohio squad. Dan Gies of Huron and Matt Davis of Marion won the 2009 team crown and are fishing the MWC Championship on Oct. 13-16 on the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien, Wis.

Buddie and Knippenberg won signature gold MWC rings, $13,000 and a slot in next year's $100,000 World Walleye Championship, which returns to the Mississippi River.
"Every tournament was a new experience for us," said Knippenberg, 31, a maintenance worker. "At the beginning of each tournament we had no idea what we were doing. By the end of the week we were confident we could do well. Everything would come together and fit just right."

Tournament pro Gary Zart of Brunswick knew both Buddie and Knippenberg and suggested they team up on the MWC circuit. Zart and his son, Nicholas, 13, finished the season by finishing ninth at Saginaw Bay and being named Father and Son Team of the Year.

"We have very different personalities," said Buddie, 27, a pilot for Expressjet Airlines. "Mike excels at research and planning. His networking abilities are incredible. No other team can compete with his amazing preparation for a tournament. On the other hand, my strength is thinking outside the box, looking at new and different approaches to catching walleye."

Tournament fishing is hard work, said Knippenberg.

"I spend countless hours trying to figure out how we'll be catching walleye on the Detroit River, Saginaw Bay or wherever we'll be fishing," he said. "I do a lot of reading and research, looking at fishing reports for at least the last four years. I want to know what works, when a tactic works best and why it works.

"Ryan has a terrific work ethic in the boat. He makes sure we'll be the most efficient team on the water with our presentation."

Buddie is an all-around angler, but had only caught Lake Erie walleye before his tournament adventures began this year. In winter, he and partner Owen Murphy guide steelhead trout fishermen under the banner of Ohio Steelhead Drifters. While at Ohio University, his summer job was guiding salmon fishermen in Alaska, and he returns each summer to work as a guide for Togiak River Fishing Adventures in Bristol Bay during the salmon bonanza.

"Our strong suit in tournaments is spinner fishing," said Buddie. "We troll spinners as well as any team out there. We've had to learn new techniques, such as jigging, live bait rigging and trolling with lead core line to fish new waters. To compete against the veteran pro walleye fishermen this year, and come out on top, was incredible.

Knippenberg is known for his customized paint jobs on spinners, spoons and diving plugs, but he has little confidence in his own creations.

"We rely on the custom spinner rigs we get from Erie Outfitters [in Sheffield Lake]," Knippenberg said. "That's our go-to bait shop for all of our walleye gear."

Their goal for 2011 is to fish more for the fun of it.

"Because of our jobs, it's tough to find time we can be on the water, other than tournaments," said Knippenberg. "We tried to do more fun fishing together last spring, but it was difficult."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OSD Guide Outfitter Ryan Buddie Wins Team of the Year in the Cabela's Master Walleye Circuit

2010 MWC's Overall Team of the Year-left to right: Ryan Buddie and Mike Knippenberg

The overall Team of the Year for the entire MWC’s three divisions, which can only be won by fishing one three event division along with a challenge event from another division, is the Ohio team of Mike Knippenberg of Hiram, OH and Ryan Buddie of Lakewood, OH. Mike and Ryan fished the Eastern Division and also competed in the Central Division’s event at Escanaba last weekend.

When asked how it felt to win the title Mike said, “I'm excited! Really excited! It has not sunk in yet and I don't know if it will! I'm on cloud nine! It was a dream season for sure. It was a great season fishing the MWC with Ryan. I had a lot of fun! I learned a lot this year fishing the different bodies of water. The level of competition in the MWC is amazing! It is a great circuit and I can't wait until next year to do it again.

I’d just like to thank my “team” for their hard work and the fun we had. Thanks to Ranger Boats and Lowrance for the dependable equipment that they produce, and a BIG thanks to my great Sponsors, Vics Sport Center, Erie outfitters, Wolverine Tackle, Silverstreak, ReefRunner Lures, The Boat Dock, and Cisco Fishing Systems.

Ryan was also very excited about this win, and had this to add, “Going into my first season fishing in a professional level circuit, I really didn't know what to expect. To compete against some of the best walleye sticks in the world and come out on top is beyond my wildest dreams.

Although I've only technically been 'tournament fishing' for a few years, I came to realize this year that I have been tournament 'style' fishing for all 27 years of my life. The 14 hour days on the water, late nights prepping gear, constant networking, eating out of a gas stations, energy drinks, focus, and straight up hard work is nothing new to us. I think that is the reason we are sitting in the position we are in right now. I am a believer that luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and we got lucky.

I am so thankful for all that have helped me in my fishing career including my family, friends, and teammates, who in my eyes are the hardest working and most honest guys in the circuit.

To add some gravy to this whole situation, here's a little story for you. I was planning on fishing the championship of the LEWT the weekend the MWC went to Escanaba, but after finishing so well in Saginaw, and having a chance to win the TOY title, Mike and I knew we had to go to Escanaba. My partner for the LEWT, Jason Kopf, was one spot from making the cut for the MWC championship next year. If we won the MWC TOY, they'll pull us from the east for the championship, and then he would move up a spot and that would get him in. We did that to get Jason in next year, and he got a sub for me in the LEWT, won the tournament, and won us the LEWT team of the year title. Long story short, I ended up winning 2 Team of the Year titles in one weekend, and we got Jason into the MWC championship next year! Life is good!”

The MWC’s Championship field from 2009 will be fishing the Mississippi River (Pools 9 and 10) out of Prairie Du Chein, WI October 13-16th, 2010. For more information on this event or any MWC events to come, please visit the Masters Walleye Circuit’s site at www.masterswalleyecircuit.com.
As for Walleye Central, please join us next week as we travel northeast to Leech Lake in Walker, MN for the FLW Walleye Tour Championship September 22-25th, 2010. Due to the weigh in location and non-access to an internet line there, we will not be streaming the championship live during the weigh in. We will however, bring you continued coverage with articles and photos and up to the minute results beginning Wednesday, September 22, 2010.

Hope to see you all there!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guide's With Experience

Montana marvels

Glacier country lures lovers of the outdoors with a raft of adventures

Sunday, July 22nd 2007, 4:00 AM

Whitefish is a shopping mecca and home to a ski resort.
Whitefish is a shopping mecca and home to a ski resort.
A flyfisherman tries to fool a trout on the Bitterroot River.
A flyfisherman tries to fool a trout on the Bitterroot River.
"Jammer" buses are a good way to check out the scenery along the 52-mile Going-to-the-Sun road.
"Jammer" buses are a good way to check out the scenery along the 52-mile Going-to-the-Sun road.
St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park.
St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park.
Whitewater rafting on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.
Whitewater rafting on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.

One of the best things about ice ages is that, besides getting rid of pesky dinosaurs, they feature a lot of glacier action.

Glaciers, of course, being those huge rivers of ice that carve valleys like a Ginsu through butter, and make for a lot of rugged and beautiful scenery.

The last slashing ice rivers melted about 10,000 years ago, leaving behind the peaks, ridges, valleys and sparkling lakes of Glacier Country in northwest Montana.

To reach Glacier Country, you fly into either Missoula or Kalispell. If you choose the former, you're at the north end of the Bitterroot Valley, an incredible swath of relative flatland flanking the Bitterroot River. Lewis and Clark, America's most intrepid explorers, journeyed here on their way to the Pacific in 1805.

The valley lies north and south, along Route 93, with the Sapphire Mountains rising on the east and the more rugged Bitterroot Range (part of the Rockies) on the west. Grassy canyons run up between the Bitterroot peaks with creeks and hiking trails offering inviting daytrips. If you're energetic enough to hike up one of the trails, chances are you'll be rewarded with your own private Montana - a gorgeous alpine lake with no one around.

Though the Bitterroot Valley is a little less known than other parts of Glacier Country, such as Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park, it has its own attractions.

Foremost is fishing. You can catch trout any number of ways - just wade into almost any creek or river and drop the right fly on top of the water.

But the ultimate fishing experience is a raft trip on the Bitterroot River. Hook up with an experienced guide, like Owen Murphy of Blackfoot River Outfitters, and you'll soon be reeling them in.

Murphy gave my 11-year-old son and me a quick tutorial on casting and soon put us alongside feeding trout - which both of us fly-fishing novices somehow managed to catch. You can float down the main branch of the river or its east or west forks.

However you do it, you're right on top of cutthroat, brown and rainbow trout and their big buddy, the whitefish. There are quite a few reasons Montana is known for fly-fishing - and the Bitterroot is one of them.


For land-based thrills and amazing vistas, an ATV ride is the way to go. Book some time with someone like Brent Nelson of Bitterroot Adventures - he'll take you up into the old logging roads and trails in the mountains, where you'll have a hard time keeping your eyes on the path in front of you. That's because of distractions like panoramic views of the valley, towering ponderosa pine, soaring eagles and the odd elk or wild turkey moseying about.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bonneville Dam Portland, Oregon Steelhead-Salmon Run the Ladder

I recently took a trip out west to get in touch with some old college buddies. I found myself visiting Hood River, Oregon, where I was told numerous times that as a visiting fisherman I must check out the running Steelhead and Salmon Ladder at the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. There were multiple viewing areas which allowed visitors to watch as these fish made their way up the ladde. Above is a video from one of these viewing windows.

A view from atop the ladder

A view looking up the ladder

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Put it in their wheelhouse!!! Ohio Steelhead Fishing at its finest!

Above: Ya Kelly gets it!

Above: Will stoked about his Ohio Steelhead

Above: Terry with some afternoon delight

What can I say about the past few days but priceless. I was able to get out on the water with a old client/friend Will from Texas who I had guided back in the day in Montana. He brought along two other Gentlemen Terry and Kelly who were class acts. We spent an evening on the Rocky River Wednesday night, and then shifted gears to the Grand River Thursday and Friday. We fished hard at some points and at other times we all stepped back laughed and enjoy the moment and company. We fished all types of bugs from swinging streamers to tiny flashback pheasant tails, and Biot nymphs. There were some crowds on the rivers but, on Thursday and Friday we spent some time walking, removing ourselves from the noisy roads and traffic, and in the end finding some great fish. Its is fun for me to teach and learn from others as well as spend time on the water with people who want to catch fish but also appreciate the whole aspect of being on the water. Your conversations, decisions, laughs and cries about fish that broke you off in a matter of seconds, and the early to bed to do it all over the next day. Here's to Will, Terry, and Kelly for a great time!

Owen Murphy

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bobby with a nice Ohio Steelhead

Jorge was in the zone when he caught this fish

I was fortunate enough to guide a couple of great guys from Detroit today. We kept the wolverine talk to a minimum and we were able to cooperate and find some fish. I think both parties today learned a little bit from each other I know I did. These guys were a class act and a pleasure to be on the water with. We used everything from egg and nymph patterns to swinging big ugly leeches and streamers. Another great day on the water with some great guys.
We are booked up most of the week so... if you want to get out on the water before time runs out give me a shout and we'll hit the rivers..see you out there.

Owen Murphy

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Friends, Good Weather, and Good Fishing!!

What can I say, between the fishing, weather, and time spent with friends this weekend will go down in the books. Several of us were fortunate enough to take Friday off and make it into a three day weekend. We started early and ended late with a ton of laughs, new friendships and a few fish in between. The guys I spent time on the water with this weekend were guys who appreciate the whole picture. Spending time on the water fly fishing is not all about how many fish you can catch, but for the story's, friends, and the ones that got away. To many people are out there to talk about numbers and how good they are, nobody cares!! Enjoy all that comes with it, catch a few fish have a few laughs, cause in your not going to remember the fish from the day but the people you spent it with.

Above: My good friend Kyle, who just picked up a fly rod for the first time this weekend. Needless to say I think we have a new fishing partner.

Rob P. with a nice Rocky River Steelhead

Friday, March 26, 2010

With most of the rivers around high and muddy, we decided to head east and fish Paine Creek for a few hours this afternoon. The water was a little on the stained side, but we still managed to catch a few fish. Chartreuse sucker spawn and purple egg sucking leach did the trick. Here are some pics of Dave with nice chromers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Wait is Over

Well I hope most of you made it out over the weekend. Friday after work I met up with my friend Chris on the Rocky Riiver and fished till the sun went down. Chris willed up a few fish before I got there and I was able to find one as well before we left as the sun went down. We stopped at a local watering hole for a cold beverage and to talk about the next mornings details. We hit the water early Saturday morning and by morning I mean 6:30. Funny thing was we were not the first ones there. We fished several runs and manage to come up with some questionable hooks ups, no fish landed, as well as a craving for coffee and breakfast. I headed out for the afternoon on the Rocky River, to give it one more shot as the sun was beating down warming the waters. My luck was in line as I was able to find some fish. I had the run to myself for several hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. As I hooked my last fish of the day another fisherman had shown up and was kind enough to take a photo. I apologize for it is blurry, there is a short video of the release as well. Flies that worked for me: marabou streamers bright and dark, hotwire princes, and lighitng bugs. A few rain showers in store this week which should only help the cause. Take care and we'll see you out there.

Owen Murphy
Ohio Steelhead Drifters

Monday, March 8, 2010

Over the weekend I had a very good friend come into to fish. We had been back and forth over the past week of trying to figure out if it would be worth the while for a 5 hour drive. The weather turned out to be beautiful, and both days on the water were great. I was fortunate enough to have My OSD partner and friend Ryan in the boat, as well as seasoned Wyoming fly fishing guide and friend Rob Peddie. We floated the Cuyahoga River on Saturday and wade fished the Rocky River on Sunday. Needless to say both days were great. Fishing with these guys on the water is not only a great time but is always a learning experience. Fish were not leaping into the boat but with a little persistence and a couple of cagey veterans such as Ryan and Rob they managed to find some fish. I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the weather and water this weekend. The rivers look like they will blow this week so dust your stuff off because things are about to get hot.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Was able to get out a couple ours each of the last 2 days. Fished about an hour and a half on the Rocky River on thursday and went 1/3 using fresh spawn, chrome bright fish. Today went down to the Cuyahoga and went 2/3 in a couple hours, sucker spawn flies did the trick. Above are some pics from the last couple days. Floating a nine mile stretch of the Cuyahoga tomorrow, stay tuned...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Couple Shots From the Rocky River

Went down to the Rock tonight after work. Took about fifteen casts and managed to come up with nothing. But I am staying optimistic as I just ordered about twenty dozen Steelhead Flies for the upcoming season. Could be fun. Stay warm and get that gear ready. Couple shots a favorite run.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ended up fishing the Rocky a couple hours this afternoon. The river was looking good and the shelf ice is breaking up and opening more water as the river drops. Ended catch one nice chromer on a salmon/pink colored sucker spawn. Fishing should be good tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cold Ones

Wanted to introduce everyone to Ohio Steelhead Drifters dog Timber. He loves to fish, fetch, and help us out with a cold one every now and again.

Here's a couple picks from the last week and a half. Tough conditions with the rivers rising rapidly when the ice blew out and tough to find good slush free water with this cold artic blast. Did manage a few fish on both the Conneaut and the Rocky. Spawn sacks did the trick. It was good to get the waders wet after a full month of cabin fever with the rivers locked up. Friday is looking good and planning on hitting the Rocky. Also a video of Owen being no so smart on the Conneaut, lol.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Letting old man winter run his course, I am posting a short clip of some great fishing to ease the cabin fever. Stay warm this weekend it looks like there is some warmer weather on the way. In the meantime time some flies, get those holes in your waders patched and we hope to see you out there. Don't forget to visit our website at http://www.ohiosteelheaddrifters.com/.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Although temps are still hovering around that 30 degree mark this week, it looks like there should be a great possiblity of getting out this weekend and hitting the river. A friend of mine may be coming up from Indianapolis with his drift boat to see what we can will up from the cold waters of the Grand. Getting days on the water this time of year can be a great thing for both mind and soul. Getting your mind off the crazy times we are going through and taking a step back into the simple things in life. The picture above is from last summer of me and one of my good friends enjoyning the day and the trout. If you have time check out our website @ www.ohiosteelheaddrifters.com I Appreciate your time, and hope to see you out there!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Time In Cleveland!

Stay tuned as Ohio Steelhead Drifters prepares for the 2010 Steelhead season!!