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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Doesn't Get Much Better

No words can describe a day on the water, when fish cooperate and you have a couple of great gentleman to share the day with.  George and his son John drove a little over three hours to check out what Cleveland had to offer in the way of steelhead. The day spent with them turned out to be one I won't soon forget. 

Big leeches seem to work the best for us, and as the sun rose throughout the day we had to back off on tippet size and go smaller. 

There are a lot of pics from yesterday, I tried to narrow it down as best I could.

Thanks Guys,


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Walk Wade

Never thought I would be wading the Rocky River in my Chaco sandals and quick dry pants in March. It happened yesterday and although the hot weather is not helping the fish, I felt like I was back out west walking trout streams in late July. 

Timber and I went to check out the scene on the Rocky yesterday afternoon.  The water had a nice color to it and the banks were giving up lush greens with new spring foliage. 

I believe the weather is supposed to cool off this weekend to give these fish a break.  If you are out and are into to fish, try to get them back in the water and on their way as fast as possible.  Water temps this high raise mortality rates in fish greatly, so if your out do your part and take care of the fish.



Friday, March 9, 2012

I Kinda Like This Fly Fishing Thing

I met up with some good friends/clients in for a quick steelhead fix. Game plan was to fish Wednesday evening and Thursday weather permitting . Kelly hails from Mentor so he can scratch the itch often, will comes to us from Austin, Texas.  We were unsure what we would be able to come up with yesterday with all the rain and such predicted. Dressing for the occasion we fished in and out of showers all day and found fish along the way.

Kelly has been trying to transform from a pin man into a fly guy, after yesterday I think the transformation is complete.

We threw multiple patterns throughout the day, taking fish swinging/dead drifting  white buggers and orange eggs patterns.