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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If I Could Change Something...I Wouldn't

During these bitter cold days here in Ohio I was trying conjure something to put up on the blog, this is what I came across the mind. Recently a friend of mine and I were discussing how much we wish we were still in college for several different reasons. Although I do wish I that college was an everlasting event, I wouldn't change anything about it. I was able to go to school in Missoula, MT and work as a fishing guide most of my college career, which I finished in a shade under a decade ; ). Fishing, Hunting, Skiing, and an occasional bender preceded all school work and is in turn why it took me so darn long, but worth every penny. For any of you who have not ventured out West for the fishing I encourage you to fit it in to your schedule someway some how. Finding my way back to Cleveland I wanted to some way keep my hand in the fishing/guiding community and that is why I started OSD. I get more of a kick out of watching someone new to the sport hook into one of Ohio's finest Steelhead than I do hooking one myself. In the end it is all about the friends you make and memories you take with you. Hope you enjoy the pics.


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