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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birds are the Bonus

With the change in the weather many birds have pushed from the North and headed down to the South shores of Lake Erie. At OSD we enjoy fishing but our passions go much further than just swinging flies on the rivers, sometimes you just gotta hunt. Sage, Timber, my father, and good friend Kyle hit the water right around 0700. I wasn't able to sleep, so an hour or so before shooting time I was out drinking my coffee and throwing decoys. It wasn't your typical good duck hunting "nasty weather" day. Fine by us, we have been waiting on birds all season. When the winds blow from the south it enable's us to hunt the shoreline without a boat and have mallards and black ducks decoy like we see in the movies. If you never have been duck hunting I encourage you greatly to give it a try. Below are some pictures from the morning, stay warm, safe, and if the weather permits get outdoors.

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