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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hot Fish...Hot Jams

So this one is kinda heavy.  Please, if you enjoy a good jam while hitting the river I want you to press play and work through some of the shots below. I love to fish, and coinciding with that, is making sure that there are some hot jams setting the stage for the day.

 Richard below set some high standards for us this week and that half smurk/grin can sum up an emtion of, wow did that fish just grace me with its presence.  Yes it did Richard, and what a fantastic fish it was.  

We were also fortunate enough to catch up with a couple guys who besides being from the Pits#$%5g area were pretty classy guys.  It was a great day with some awesome weather and some nice fish brought to the net. Mike shown below has spent many of days chasing wild PA trout, but after a couple days chasing Steelhead, I think a new 7wt rod may be in his near future.

Ed Ringer doing some wrangling ^

Awesome fish Awesome guys

I'm in to high fives

-The best is yet to come-


OSD Crew

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