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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Warm Breeze

I was fortunate enough to leave work around noon today. Sunny, 60 degrees, and being the last day of January, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. After stopping by house to grab gear, cameras, bowl of oatmeal, and my dog, I raced down to The Rocky River to try and capitalize on an awesome January day.

I met a friend of mine Lee on the water and after catching up on the latest and greatest in our lives, we swung some flies. The river was starting to hold that nice olive/green color with decent visibility. We started at opposite ends of the run and worked towards each other, each hoping that one of us would get a grab.

As the time past, I enjoyed the warm breeze coming down the river and began finding myself not catching fish. Falling into a daze of just knowing I was knee deep in a river and not at work, my attention was gathered in an instant when my fly line began screaming out of my hand. It was the one thing that made the day and as the week progress I imagine the fishing will only get better. The fish was caught on a purple intruder and was sitting in the slower tail out of the run.

Spring days are starting to book up so make sure to get ahold of us for your spring steelhead season.

See you on the water,

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