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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Steel

Our Fall season has begun here in NE Ohio with some great fishing had over the past several weeks. The weather we are getting now is going to do nothing but good things for our Lake Erie tribs.

I had a casting lesson last night down in the metroparks and managed to hit the water for a bit after. Hitting a hole that usually has fish,produced nothing for me. I watched a gentleman pick a fish up with some spinning gear downstream of me in a hole that over the past year has turned from an ok run into a gem. I waited till he left and went in with the confidence of knowing there had to be at least one more fish in that hole.

I swung streamers when I first got in the water to no avail. After some deliberation I threw on a flashy beadhead and egg pattern which did the trick. Wait for the graphs to peak from the rain and as the make there way down I would be somewhere on a river.



  1. I don't know how you guys found fish this weekend. Seemed like everything was blown out, including the Chagrin where we were. Given, we're newbies.

  2. This was on the Rocky Thursday night so def not after that rain came thru, let me know when you are back up this way. Thanks for following.