We are a full service fly fishing outfitter and guide service for all your Steelhead fishing needs in North East Ohio. We host all talent levels from the most skilled angler to those who are wetting a line for the first time. Either way, we are very well equipped to show you a experience you'll never forget. Share a day with us on the river and see what Ohio really has to offer!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Our buddy Dan had landed his first steelhead a few weeks back, with no evidence besides a couple friends who witnessed it. Since then Danimal (Dan) has had sleepless nights with the ever growing itch of becoming a profound steelhead fisherman and the picture with that big buck steelhead he has been after.

We spent time on the water again yesterday with Danimal and with a different outcome. Dan was into fish from the first few drifts. Throughout the day I was asked by Dan to take a turn and in some cases I did. However, I told him that once you've caught a few fish in your life and you see the expressions of someone new getting into their first fish, you watch them grow, want to learn, it means all the more to me than bringing a fish to the net for myself.

I know I speak for Ryan in saying this is why we started this business, ya we may make a few bucks on the side to pay for a permit trip to mexico ; ), but we appreciate the great resource we have and enjoy introducing people to this great sport and fishery.

Tight Lines,
Owen & Ryan

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