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Friday, February 18, 2011


Well we couldn't resist. After some serious scouting and a few days of warm weather, we had to get the boat in the water. Now this wasn't exactly a fishing adventure, but a stress free, 4 hour float down one of the most scenic rivers in Ohio. I hooked up with a friend of mine, Kelly Gillmore, at the old Grand River Tackle Shop. We grabbed some snacks, a few cold ones, and headed out in search of open water. We looked at put ins, takes outs, and water in between to make sure we didn't run into any major ice dams- which there still are plenty along the banks. There is an ice flow that is blocking the river from Indian Point down to Mason's landing. If you are a novice boater, I DO NOT RECOMMEND trying to make a trip down the river this time of year. I believe we put in about 11 miles yesterday total, and even though the river was a mess fishing wise, the day couldn't have been better. Wildlife was abundant as well, we saw multiple species of ducks, deer, and plenty of Bald Eagles (don't tell the NPS, they'll shut the whole river down). I didn't realize until putting the boat in the water, that we could probably say that we were the first ones to make our way down the Grand in 2011. Next time, there will be fish porn to go along with it. Take care everyone and we'll see you out there!

Timber kept the backseat warm

Make shift raft

Kelly thinking about chrome

Ice all over : )

- Owen Murphy


  1. Now thats determination!..lol..

  2. i have to say that is one bad ass boat! good luck guys i wish you the best

  3. Thanks we'll see you on the water...